Are Your Ready to be MAD COOL?

#WarOnRona: The Revolution Continues!

Take Control of Your Post-Pandemic Life & Health

Although vaccines are here, the #WarOnRona continues, with Rona being defined as sickness, stress, inequity, and disempowerment.
This pandemic has taught us the importance of good health. It is the foundation of our lives and enables us to do the things we want to do.

Now is THE time for us to invest in our health and achieve MAD COOL FITNESS, unconditional, empowered fitness. We engage in healthy behaviors no matter what life throws our way!

In this webinar you will learn a methodical, behavior science-based approach that will enable you to take charge of your health.

You will learn about yourself, learn about your thoughts and behaviors, and gain the tools to help you to create a healthy lifestyle plan that works for you!

Equal parts inspiration, education, and action the #WarOnRona Wellness & Resilience Webinar is the tool you need to help you to re-build your post pandemic life and become MAD COOL!

The next webinar will be July 11th at 5pm EST.

The webinar will last 90 minutes: 60 minutes of presentation; 30 minutes of health coaching/Q&A.

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