Where empowerment takes center stage in every facet of your life. We believe in the transformative power of fitness, curated content, and a thriving community to elevate individuals, organizations, and local communities. Our mission is to redefine what it means to live a truly empowered life, transcending boundaries and inspiring positive change. Through innovative media, engaging content, and supportive community, THE MAD COOL COMPANY is dedicated to activating empowerment on personal, organizational, and societal levels. Join us on this journey toward a more empowered, fulfilled, and connected existence. 

Welcome to a world where living your best life is not just a goal, it’s an impactful mission.

THE MAD COOL COMPANY helps people to live a more empowered life through fitness, media content, and community. THE MAD COOL COMPANY uses media content, and community, to activate empowerment at the individual, organizational, and community levels for the betterment of society.

MAD COOL Verticals


The Process of Life Empowerment

Dr. Jennifer Turner’s process of life empowerment started by developing skills that enabled her to stop the cycle of unhealthy behaviors (yo-yo dieting and an eating disorder), get healthy mentally and physically, and in the process discover her true self, passion, and purpose. These are the same skills that helped her to feel better, be better, and lead better, and enabled her to found MAD COOL FITNESS. She used her journey of self-discovery, combined with behavioral science, to create a framework to help other people become unconditionally fit and empowered, to become MAD COOL! 

For companies, Dr. Turner has combined her personal health experience, health training, and 20+ years of business leadership experience in media companies, to create MAD COOL health coaching programs that are the nexus of health and leadership.

MAD COOL is also available to individual consumers in local neighborhoods through its wellness seminars.


Our Mission of Wellness

People are not separate from the environments in which they live. For people to be healthy, they must live in communities that are health-promoting. A person’s health status is impacted by the social determinants of health, of which community context is one. Delivering on our mission of fostering cultures and communities of wellness, through MAD COOL COMMUNITY, MAD COOL wellness programs are offered to underserved communities most at risk for health disparities. Learn more about our mission and programs under MAD COOL COMMUNITY.

Empowered Storytelling

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in educating, changing behaviors, driving conversations, and ultimately driving action. MAD COOL MEDIA supports the goals and mission of THE MAD COOL COMPANY through content that connects, educates, and inspires.


Dr. Jennifer Turner’s Wellness Journey

MAD COOL FITNESS is based on founder Dr. Jennifer Turner’s personal wellness journey as someone who struggled with weight and an eating disorder and has now been healthy for over twenty years. She is the first successful case study of MAD COOL FITNESS.

As a formerly overweight, asthmatic child with an eating disorder from the South Side of Chicago, Dr. Turner conquered her health issues to become the health educator, athlete, “fitness activator”, and health empowerment expert she is today. Because she discovered empowerment and happiness through good health, Dr. Turner felt compelled to help others to discover and “activate” their own health empowerment.

Dr. Jennifer Turner’s passion for health and fitness has been cultivated through a multi-decade long journey that started as a personal endeavor and grew into both a personal and professional mission. This mission has evolved from being just about fitness to a mission of increasing overall individual and community empowerment.