A MAD COOL Mission from a holistic (social-ecological) perspective, individual health is a function of the broader social and physical environments, policies and structures in which a person lives. All of these factors must work together to create an ecosystem of health. MAD COOL COMMUNITY supports and partners with non-profits who are addressing the social determinants of health: Education, Health and Healthcare, Economic Stability, Neighborhood and Built Environment, and Social and Community Context, and also offers its own branded programs addressing mental, physical, and behavior health. 

These holistic wellness programs are based on founder Dr. Jennifer Turner’s personal wellness journey and training, her research on effective, community-based health programs, and proven models for individual health behavior change.

MAD COOL Community Programs

A MAD COOL COMMUNITY is an economically and socially healthy, vibrant community, free of racism and violence, with equitable access to healthcare, places for friends and families to engage in physical activity and physical and economic access to healthy foods.

A MAD COOL COMMUNITY is an empowered community that leverages community stakeholders to unlock the power of its community and increase capacity for the betterment of its people.

Agents of empowerment include schools, universities, houses of worship, state and city leadership overseeing community planning and urban development, hospitals, healthcare providers, corporations who are invested in the community.

MAD COOL in Schools & Youth Centers

Addressing youth health is critical to addressing societal health. Anchor institutions in communities such as schools and youth centers are uniquely positioned to play a powerful role in not only improving the health of children but also the health of their parents and the broader community in which these schools exist.

MAD COOL COMMUNITY focuses on building health and life resiliency in schools by empowering students, teachers. and parents with the health knowledge and healthy lifestyle skills they need to be MAD COOL, thereby raising the health status of the overall community.

This perspective is based on Dr. Turner’s dissertation research: “Using a Multiple-Case Study Design to Evaluate the Healthy Schools Program (HSP) at Select New Jersey Charter Schools”.

MAD COOL Girls is an innovative health empowerment course designed for adolescent girls (ages 12-17). Through a video-module-based course on a private technology platform with community and social support components and in-person coaching, MAD COOL Girls seeks to improve mental and physical health by increasing self-empowerment through health education and healthy lifestyle skill-building (time management, stress management, organizational skills, assertiveness, and effective communication). Girls also learn leadership skills as they have to lead and support the girls participating in their cohort. 

MAD COOL Girls focuses on helping girls build a sense of personal identity, increase self-esteem, and support a sense of life purpose. We want them to be MAD COOL leaders of today and tomorrow.

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