• You don’t naturally know how be healthy, you need to learn how to be healthy.  
  • You are the driver of your own unique wellness journey.  
  • Cookie cutter fitness and fad solutions cannot be prescribed for you as “the answer”.  
  • With coaching and support, you can discover your own unique “answer”, a Healthy Lifestyle System that works for you. 
  • MCF teaches you how to fish vs. giving you a fish so you can eat (healthy) every day, not just one day. 
  • While discovering your own, MAD COOL FITNESS, you will do the mental and emotional foundational work that will support healthy eating and exercise, building resilience and health empowerment.   
  • All actions start in the brain. 



Focus on the head first; healthier behavior and body will follow. 

The Three B’s initially start in that order, then over time, as your body changes (feeling and looking better), and you acquire positive health-promoting experiences (increased health self-efficacy/confidence), this linear relationship becomes more of a virtuous cycle in which all Three B’s impact each other.  

So how do you change your behavior, be fit and empowered, become MAD COOL?  

Through our proprietary health empowerment, behavior change program MAD COOL F.I.T. (Fitness Integration Training)