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Are you a fitness professional struggling to get clients to eat healthy and engage in physical activity consistently?  

Are you someone who wants to start a health coaching business and help others to be healthier and feel more empowered?  

MAD COOL F.I.T. provides a methodical, foundational, behavior science-based approach to coach clients to fundamentally change their behavior to make the work fitness professionals are doing with their clients more effective.  

MAD COOL F.I.T. uses a social ecological approach to wellness that assesses a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and environment which affect health behavior, and then provides the fitness professional with specific and practical tools to coach the client to healthier behavior. 

Learning Objectives 

  • Assess client current thoughts, behaviors, social and physical environment which affect client health behavior (e.g., exercise and healthy eating adherence). 
  • Co-design with the client a plan that is unique to the client, built on information from client assessments, that meets the client’s unique needs and is compatible with the client’s lifestyle. 
  • Coach the client on the skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle consistently. 

Learn Jennifer’s proprietary Healthy Lifestyle Coaching System – MAD COOL F.I.T.
(Fitness Integration Training) Brain + Behavior = Body.

Coach people to change their thoughts and behavior to create their own dynamic healthy lifestyle system, supporting long-term healthy living.

Become a MAD COOL FITNESS ACTIVATOR to help others STEP AWAY FROM THAT CHICKEN! STEP into a healthier Life, and become MAD COOL!