MAD COOL For Corporations

Invest in Your High Potential Leaders

Feel Better, Be Better, & Lead Better

Based on behavioral science, MAD COOL F.I.T. (Fitness Integration Training) Brain + Behavior = Body is an immersive twelve-week wellness cohort experience for high-performing and high-potential women leaders. Work/life balance, mental and physical health, and life focus have become priorities for employees.

MAD COOL a behavior science based-program that addresses overall employee wellness, enabling them to learn how to be healthy mentally and physically through hands-on coaching, health information, support, and healthy lifestyle skill-building, the same skills that will enable them to lead better. Presented virtually, MAD COOL F.I.T. can be delivered as a stand-alone program or as a complement to existing wellness or professional development programs.

What Your Company Gets…

  • Readiness to Change
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Organization

Learn More

  • What is good nutrition?
  • How to eat healthy consistently
Learn More
  • What is effective exercise?
  • How to exercise consistently
  • Access to the online Studio

Online Studio

  • Coaching support from Dr. Jennifer Turner
  • Support from colleagues who are also trying to better themselves through good health

The Full Program Breakdown

12 live, 75 minute, semi-private, online heath coaching sessions led by Dr. Jennifer Turner with a group of like-minded people, Your CREW.

• 8 sessions of emotional, behavioral, and environmental assessments; creating your Healthy Life Vision, creating your Healthy Lifestyle Plan

• 4 sessions of health coaching putting your plan into action.

• Support from Dr. Turner and your CREW in between live weekly sessions 

• Access to the online studio with fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle skill videos

• Post course continued access to learning modules and support from your CREW. 

It’s time to stop the cycle of cray and get MAD COOL F.I.T. today!