Stress Management Tips

Life is stressful. This will not change. The question is how to effectively and productively manage stress so you can move forward with your life and while staying on your healthy journey.

Stress is probably the #1 component that undermines healthy living. It affects what we eat, when we eat, how we eat. It affects our energy levels and our ability to effectively and consistently engage in physical activity. It affects our ability to get quality sleep, which again, affects our energy levels and our ability to devote energy to engage in healthy behaviors and activities.
Stress is the third “S” in undermining healthy living (sugar and salt being the others).

Without affective stress management tools you are missing a vital pillar in supporting your healthy lifestyle.

Tips to help with Managing Stress:

After getting stressed and before getting into nutritional trouble: stop and ask yourself, “What is stressing me out?” Then STEP AWAY FROM THAT CHICKEN WING (or cupcake, or m&m’s, whatever the vice)

Move past the moment.
When you feel the need to “stress eat”, count to 30. Call, text or email a friend. Often we get caught up in the moment and in these moments, we get distracted from our healthy plan. Moments will pass. Lean on your support network to help get you through the moment.

Call a friend
Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re alone. Isolation is a breeding ground for stress.

Get some exercise
Go for a walk, go to Zumba, go to the gym. Exerting energy and sweating often relaxes us and allows us to see our problems with greater clarity and perspective.