Healthy Lifestyle Skills

Healthy Lifestyle Skills – The “How”

Have you tried to lose weight in the past and “failed”? Or lost weight but couldn’t keep it off? Do you “should” yourself about healthy eating and exercise: “I should go to the gym”; “I should eat health but don’t quite get there…playing mind games and bull-shoulding yourself into “failure” again?

We know consistent healthy eating and exercise are the necessary tools for losing and maintaining weight. The trick is the illusive “How”. How to do it! That answer of the “How” is different for each one of us as you are your own unique person.

Watch the videos below to learn more about discovering your own “HOW”.


How You Start Something….Affects Where You End Up

Where you end up on your healthy journey largely depends on where you start with your original intent (motivation), thoughts (how you think about health and fitness) you’re your readiness to change (are you really ready to change your behavior to get to that new body?)


Are you ready to change? Let’s find out together!